Stop Hard Drugs Being Decriminalised

In the ACT Legislative Assembly, the Labor-Greens Government are close to passing a law that will decriminalise the use of Ice, Heroin, MDMA and other hard drugs.

Unfortunately, this is the same policy that the Greens are pushing at a Federal Level – something they will be pushing in a Labor-Greens Alliance were they to win the election.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner, Reece Kershaw, spoke about the distressing flow on impacts of illicit drugs and his concerns for the broader community indicating it will create a far more dangerous environment for police. He also raised the impact illicit drugs have on domestic violence, traffic accidents and other serious criminal behaviour such as assaults, murder and money laundering.

As a father of five when I think about my kids, the idea of them growing up in a Territory with hard drugs like heroin, ice and MDMA more readily available is incredibly distressing, as I am sure it is for most parents.

Its unfathomable and a policy I will continue to fight against.

It will have devastating consequences for Canberra families.

Sign here to stand with me and to stand with Canberra families against soft drug laws that will give our kids easier access to hard drugs, such as heroin and ice.

Will you sign?