Petition - Stand against the Extreme Greens

Recently the Greens announced their extreme policy to cut Australia’s Defence budget in half.

This is without a doubt bad news for the Nation and bad news for Canberra. It will put our Nation at risk.

The Greens assert if they hold the balance of power after the next election, they will push for their defence plan to be prioritised.

Their reckless defence plan includes:
• Halving the defence budget, which will undermine our National Security and mean the loss of 13,000 defence related jobs in Canberra;
• Scrapping the AUKUS alliance and our nuclear submarine deal; and
• Closing all foreign military bases in Australia. 

In a time when the Government is strengthening our national security settings, the Greens announce reckless extreme policy that demonstrates just how dangerous they are and the threat they pose to the safety and security of our country.

Sign here to show your support for our Defence Force and to stand up against the Greens extreme policies that would cripple our national security and defence.

Will you sign?