Zed Seselja

Help fight the radical Labor–Greens alliance now to defend your values, freedom and security

Your values and our nation’s security are under threat from the radical Labor–Greens alliance.

As Labor skews ever more to the left and loses the support of its traditional base of working Australians, the Greens are plotting to gain more power and hold Labor to ransom.

The extreme Greens want to undermine Australia’s national security by attacking our alliances with western democracies and cutting military spending – just when Australia needs it most for national security.

The latest attempt by the Greens to decriminalise illegal drugs such as ice and heroin in the ACT is just one example of how this Labor–Greens partnership has stumbled and let Canberrans down. And these are the same policies the Greens are peddling federally.

It’s vital to expose the Labor–Greens’ radical agenda– because their negative plan will threaten the way of life for you and all Canberrans.

That is why I am so thankful for your support to keep me in Parliament, speaking up for you as a federal representative you can trust.

When you give your support today, you can be sure of my personal commitment to continue to stand up for your freedom of speech, enterprise, and religion.

And I will keep speaking up to protect and support families, as they are the basis of prosperity in society and stability in the home.

You can see for yourself that the Liberal-National Government’s plan for our nation has been delivering for Canberra, and for everyday Canberrans, by creating jobs, guaranteeing essential services and health funding, and building a more resilient and secure Australia.

With your support today, I commit to being your strong voice in Parliament, fighting the Labor–Greens threats and delivering for you.