Zed Seselja

Help fight the radical Labor–Greens alliance now to defend your values, freedom and security

The next federal election is on its way!

And your support today is vital to help build the $75,000 federal election war chest to empower a strong voice to defend your freedom, your values and our nation’s security from the radical Labor–Greens alliance.

The radical Greens want to undermine Australia’s national security by attacking our alliances with western democracies and cutting military spending – just when Australia needs it most for national security.

By giving today, you’ll invest in research to connect with voters more effectively, you’ll help arm volunteers for a strong defence campaign, and you’ll help get the message out to voters through letterboxing, phone canvassing, TV ads and billboards.

With your support today to build the war chest by December 31, I commit to being your strong voice in Parliament, fighting the Labor–Greens threats and delivering for you.